in The Peter Smith Valve Company
The Peter Smith Valve Company Cast Steel Parallel Slide Valve

To BS EN 1984

BS EN 1092-1
PN 16
PN 25
PN 40BS 10 Tables E,F,H
ANSI B 16.5 Class 150, 300CONSTRUCTION:
Designed in accordance with BSEN 1984
1. The gland incorporates pre-compressed pure exfoliated graphite under controlled compression, with facility for adjustment, giving improved sealing and reduced maintenance
2. The valve is fitted with a back-seating device to further protect the gland packing when fully open
3. Seats and doors are made of our special TDA58 nickel based alloy developed for high galling resistance
4. Valves 200mm bore and over incorporate thrust bearings to reduce torque


  1. Positive open shut indication

  2. Locking device

  3. Drain plug and or bypass

  4. Actuator operation

  5. Gearbox and remote operation