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Spirax Sarco Double Block and Bleed Isolation Valves

Spirax SafeBloc™

A single solution for safe double isolation. The Spirax SafeBloc™ is a safe isolation solution, with a unique space-saving design, offering reduced installation time and fewer leak paths. This innovative, patented design incorporates two isolation valves and a bleed port in one compact assembly making it easy to use and commission, without pipework modifications, into the space left by an existing single isolation valve. It has been developed to meet the increasing demands of health and safety requirements where traditional single isolation of plant is inadequate. The compact design of the Spirax SafeBlocTM makes it the ideal first choice for new sites, where safety and space is at a premium.An evolution of proven technology. This unique double block and bleed valve is based on proven technology from the Spirax Sarco range of bellows sealed globe valves, which have been used across industry for decades and especially within severe service areas.

A simpler and more cost effective solution for safe double isolation

Single isolation of plant

Traditionally, a single isolation valve would have been used to isolate a system or piece of equipment. However, this method of isolation does not offer full protection. There is no secondary isolation should the valve fail and no bleed available to eliminate system pressure to provide personnel with full, safe, isolation of equipment downstream of plant. As a general rule single isolation valves should not be used as a final isolation for work on live steam plant.

The solution

The Spirax SafeBlocTM is the solution that fits within the space of a single isolation valve and the perfect alternative to traditional double block and bleed installations; it minimises leakage when systems and processes need to be isolated or maintained. It was designed in conjunction with customer requirements to meet specific site and company safety requirements. It is a cost effective double isolation solution that protects users and maintenance personnel across a wide range of applications and industries and meets best practice requirement to comply with the most stringent risk assessments

Spirax SafeBloc™ – a patented design that features:

Double isolation in the space of one valve.

Quick and easy installation.

Low pressure drop.

Zero leakage.

Optional bleed connection facility.

Proven technology.

Providing personnel with a high degree of safety in the space of a single valve that is easy to install.