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Schubert & Salzer The Sliding Gate Valve Principle

Fast and Accurate

This is how easy control can be. Over 25 years ago, Schubert & Salzer Control Systems took a new approach in control valves. We developed the sliding gate control valve: a handy, light and highly accurate valve. It operates based on a principle that had already excited Leonardo Da Vinci. Even today, it satisfies the most exacting requirements that are placed on a control valve.The alternative when the demands are high The sliding gate valve series controls liquid, vapour and gaseous media precisely, quickly and economically. A sealing plate fixed in the body at right angles to the flow direction has a certain number of crossways slots of equal height. A rotationally fixed disc with the same arrangement of slots is moved at right angles to this, thereby changing the flow cross section. The prevailing differential pressure presses the moving disc against the fixed disc and seals it.

Sliding gate valves are used to control gases, vapours and liquids.

• Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

• Steel and aluminium plants

• Food and drinks industries

• Brewery fittings

• Textile manufacturing

• Car and truck tyre production

• Plastics production

• Test bench technology

• Polysilicon production etc.

Fits into tight spaces
Excellent leak tightness
Optimal flow control
Minimal wear