in Gemu
GEMU Aseptic Diaphragm Valve

Type 653 manually actuated asceptic valve

Type 650 actuated asceptic valve

Type 687 Pneumatically Operated

The GEMU Septic Diaphragm Valve is a compact valve with many features which make it ideal for pharmaceutical and bio-processing applications.

It is a pneumatically operated 2/2-way diaphragm valve and has a low maintenance membrane actuator. Normally Closed, Normally Open and Double Acting control functions are available.

Available Options

Special connections:
Hose barb, tube extensions, Swagelok®, Cajon VCR®, Ingold®, and others available upon request.

Cluster valve assemblies for both horizontal and vertical orientations, Zero Static T-valves, Duplex, Multiported, Tank Bottom, and custom fabrications upon request.

AL-6XN®, Hastelloy®, Titanium®, and others available upon request.

The 40R is A high performance actuator which combines reliability and long life and is based on the opposed double rack and pinion principle utilising piston support rods to minimise friction and wear between pistons and body bore.

There are twelve sizes of Norbro double acting or fail safe spring return pneumatic actuators providing a torque range of 11 to 4617 Nm (at an operating pressure of 5.5 bar). This enables efficient and therefore economical torque matching.

A wide range of ancillary equipment can be fitted to meet the most exacting customer requirements. This is an area where Flow Control Solutions Ltd and Worcester has considerable experience and we would be pleased to discuss any process problems. Since the mid-Sixties the Norbro name has been recognised as the leading quarter turn actuator for industry. As proof of this, Norbro pneumatic actuators can be found in a range of applications as diverse as the petrochemical industry, food and beverage, steel production, pharmaceuticals and plastics manufacturing