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Flowserve AW44 3-Piece Steam Isolation Valve

For Steam and Thermal Fluid Applications

In the AW44, Flowserve Worcester has recognised the need for a 3-piece ball valve specifically designed for the isolation of steam. With energy costs already high and still rising, the AW44 has proved itself to be cost effective in minimising the loss of process steam.Using its unique Fluorofill seat material, Worcester guarantees the AW44 on continuous saturated steam service up to 250 psi. (17 bar) whilst other Worcester high performance seat materials provide even higher temperature/pressure capabilities. In addition to its proven record with steam as a heat transfer medium, the AW44 can accommodate other thermal fluids/hot oils up to 250°C (Fluorofill), or up to 280°C where required with other seat materials. The AW44 features a mounting platform on the body for ease of ancillary mounting while retaining valve integrity. For these demanding duties, Worcester incorporates its unique PTFE-coated metal body seal which maintains its sealing capability during thermal cycling. Available in sizes 8-50 mm, the AW44 is manufactured in carbon steel and stainless steel with a range of end connections.
Mounting platform on valve body for improved stem cycle life

PTFE coated metal body seal for optimum performance during thermal cycling

Carbon-filled PTFE stem seals for leak tight high cycling capability

Black wrench sleeve give clear visual indication of the AW44

Compact size takes less space

Lightweight design

3-piece design for ease of maintenance

High cranked handle enables pipeline insulation without the need for a stem extension

Live loaded Gland for reduced maintenance, increasing safety and line integrity