Valtek Mark One Control Valves

Valtek Mark One Control Valves


  • Design provides lower total lifetime cost
  • Versatile
  • Trim that does not stick or gall
  • Easy, fast and inexpensive
  • Leak-proof when closed
  • Built for toughest service
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Reliable, predictable service
  • Double-stem guiding located out of flow stream
  • Generous clearance between plughead and seat retainer


  • High interchangeability between sizes and other Valtek control products
  • Valve design minimizes requirements for stocking spare parts
  • Rugged, heavy-duty parts provide extended life
  • Actuator design allows simple, easy maintenance
  • Globe, angle, three-way, and jacket styles offer multiple face-to-face standards
  • Corrosion-resistant construction




Flowserve EP5 Digital Positioner

Flowserve EP5 Digital Positioner

Modular, sturdy, simple, reliable design

Modular design

Vibration resistant

Suits linear and quarter turn applications

General purpose – intrinsically safe & explosion proof

Tapped exhaust port

Easy to add on Feedback Unit F5

Simple calibration, external zero adjustment

High gain pilot valve

Built in gauge ports

Bright visible indicator, flat or Dome style

Stainless steel cam


Flowserve AW44 3-Piece Steam Isolation Valve

Flowserve AW44 3-Piece Steam Isolation Valve

Mounting platform on valve body for improved stem cycle life

PTFE coated metal body seal for optimum performance during thermal cycling

Carbon-filled PTFE stem seals for leak tight high cycling capability

Black wrench sleeve give clear visual indication of the AW44

Compact size takes less space

Lightweight design

3-piece design for ease of maintenance

High cranked handle enables pipeline insulation without the need for a stem extension

Live loaded Gland for reduced maintenance, increasing safety and line integrity



Flowserve Series 22 Valve

Flowserve Series 22 Valve

Based on standard A44/A59 design for proven performance

Compact design: Saves space and weight

Wide range of materials to suit various applications

Locking wrench available for safety integrity

Full valve pressure rating: Suitable for process line pressures


Flowserve C44 Cryogenic 3-Piece Ball Valve

Flowserve C44 Cryogenic 3-Piece Ball Valve

Automation – Solid actuator mounting platform for on/off and control applications

Packing – Chevron design for optimum sealing life

Extension – minimal gap to reduce frost line and minimise heat transfer

Body – One piece design provides optimum strength and low body mass ‘S’ Gasket – 316 coated PTFE to compensate for thermal fluctuations Seat – Low torque design manufactured in Fluorofill PTFE

Stem – One piece anti-blowout design with ball relief hole position indication

Ball – With cavity pressure relief hole and fool-proof stem alignment device

‘S’ Gasket – 316 coated PTFE to compensate for thermal fluctuations

Seat – Low torque design manufactured in Fluorofill PTFE



Flowserve E51/52 Flanged Ball Valve

Flowserve E51/52 Flanged Ball Valve

Flanges Integral to the valve body, flanges are rated ASME Class 150 for the E51 and ASME Class 300 for the E52. Flange dimensions are to BS EN 1759-1/ASME B16.5 and face to face lengths are to BS EN 558-2 table 6/ASME B16. 10. Alternative metric flanges are available to BS EN 1092-1 (PN16/40).

Body Construction The valves are all of one-piece design, and are available in either low temperature carbon steel or stainless steel as standard. Other materials are available.

Stem The blow-out proof stem design is of a larger diameter than normal and is retained by a tamper-proof split ring. The stem is 316 stainless steel as standard, but other options can be supplied. Primary stem seals are PTFE in trapezoidal section, and secondary seals are PTFE chevron rings. Alternatively graphite seals are supplied for fire-safe and high temperature applications.

Ball The ball is manufactured from 316 stainless steel as standard, and other materials, as required.

Seats A range of seat materials is available to suit a wide variety of applications and include virgin PTFE, 15% glass-filled PTFE, Fluorofill, PEEK and metal (graphite impregnated 316 stainless steel). (Pressure/temperature ratings can be found on the back page of the data sheets).

Body Seals ½ ” to 2” (15-50mm): Virgin PTFE. 3 ” to 6” (80-150mm): 15% glass-filled PTFE.

Automation All Enviro-Safe valves are designed to be simply and easily actuated.